Eri SIlk Shawl
Eri silk Shawl

Pure Eri - Tussar Silk Handwoven Shawl/Stole

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Pure handcrafted 100% Tussar Katia Eri Silk , an ahimsa product made letting the silkworms complete their life cycle instead of boiling them alive.

Spun and woven by hand, also known as peace silk, it is suitable for vegans and for all the people who love animals and beautiful butterflies, for those who love to feel the soft touch on their skin or want to make a gift as peace.

It is identified by the its thick and heavy texture created by using two threads of Tussar and Katia. Its rugged and rustic appearance but porous weave makes this fabric perfect to wear in warm weather.

Length 2.5 metres
Width - 46 cms
Weight 1 kg

Dry clean only