About Bbaawri

Bbaawri is the emotion of profound contemplation. We have been developing clothing  that is exquisite, handcrafted with love, and manufactured from only pure  materials. Our goal is to design timeless, comfortable clothes that may be worn and cherished for many years while only getting more lovely with age. Our silhouettes are contemporary in style but deeply rooted to our culture and heritage , and expert weavers and artisans conceptualised and created the fabrics and embroideries for each of our designs.

Regal Look

Banarasi Sarees

Banarasi Sarees

Banaras - it leaves you amazed, at that point transforms you into... 

Printed Silk Sarees

Printed Silk Sarees

Printed Tussar Silk Sarees 

Who is Bbaawri????

Who is Bbaawri????

JUST BBaawri; to proudly flaunt who you are without having to say it. BBaawri is an ode to passion, madness, and the fervent love that adds the much needed femininity to all the Baawri's (women) out there.

Shaping the curves of sensuality since 2014, the brainchild of a passionate dreamer, Deepika Srivastavva, BBaawri relaunches itself in a new avtar, to create the magic of this timeless fashion piece. BBaawri, is for the women who lead by example and boldly recite their tale of pride and prejudice.

Our huge patronage and the growing popularity of the minimalist and classic styles has brought BBaawri in vogue. BBaawri will rekindle your love and passion for the sensuous and exquisite drapes in pure and luxury fabrics.

Today, a style has moved to a new arena of glamour and glitz. Each piece of art that we create is a canvas that depicts the quintessential flavour of India. Each weave, each thread defies the imagination and is more of an amalgamation of contemporary textures and cross-border designs. BBaawri is for you - the women who value style, grace, comfort and boldness.”

Baawri Sarees

Does my sassiness upset you?

Does my sassiness upset you? I’m a reckless spirit, flipping stereotypes is the art that I have mastered. Like a storm that is better undescribed the life I lead is my creation.

Because somewhere between draping moms dupatta to draping the 6 yards...life happened. Walking on a new plane of existence and a thousand thoughts hidden in the pleats of my non-judgemental saree, covering the beautifully scared curves of my body...one thing that I never understood before is what I know now to be true...it all begins and ends with you.

  • Fabric Design

    Master weavers in Banaras, Bihar, and West Bengal weave the fabrics for each of our collections uniquely. To develop fabrics with the desired texture, colour, and finish, we go through extensive stages of development.

  • Stitching

    All of our items at Bbaawri are cut, dyed, stitched, and finished in-house. We believe in enhancing livelihoods, paying fair wages, and encouraging artists in their pursuit of their skill.

  • Embroidery

    All of our embroidery is done by hand. Only the finest materials and pure silk threads are used in the embroidery. Our designs are classic, with a minimalistic approach and a hand-finished elegance that accentuates our soft, earthy colour scheme.