Fashion Journal

  • Why we take more time to dispatch Block Printed Ensembles?

    Seven days to ship for an online store seems to be too many in today's world. A lot of our customers ask us why our shipping time for tussar silk...
  • How sarees make an impact in work place?

    You need to make a strong distinction here Sarees at the workplace are considered power dressing .

    If you are planning to wear something formal to the workplace, then the first thing that comes to mind is dressed in a formal western suit. However, try to wear a saree instead and see the heads turn.

  • Fashion is temporary, style is permanent?

    When it comes to design, these Sarees are very different from the rest.   

    From leaves, peacocks to geometrical patterns, each saree has a history of its own culture and heritage. Though these sarees are mostly hand-woven, none of the techniques and motifs is same.